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Rob Guerra


With a career spanning over three decades, Robert's journey began with the founding of Superstar Productions, a small company that has since blossomed into a thriving, family-owned, and operated Production Company. Over the course of 18 years, Superstar Productions has become a cornerstone of entertainment for South Florida families, boasting an impressive portfolio of over 5000 performances.

What sets Robert apart is his remarkable multi-dimensional approach to his craft. Whether immersed in the artistic intricacies of a project or navigating the complexities of the business side, Robert's diligence and commitment shine through. Having had the pleasure of collaborating with him on a recent show, I witnessed firsthand his ability to seamlessly blend creativity with strategic thinking.

Beyond his professional prowess, Robert's enduring relationships speak volumes about his character. With a network that spans decades, his colleagues and peers attest to his unwavering dedication and innovative spirit. Join us on a journey with Robert, where every project is not just an endeavor, but a testament to his passion for producing excellence.

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